Fear Virus

The fear virus kills your thinking device by making you believe death is real. If you weren’t afraid, you would know about sickness or death. God doesn’t want you to be afraid, so I fear God instead of people that teach the bad lessons, that sickness and death are real. I am eternal life because I fear our loving creator instead of bad teachers that manipulate you into thinking the unreal is real. Some of them well meaning people that have no clue that have been taught all wrong and think what they are saying or doing is right.

God doesn’t want to be worshiped, so I worship God. My loving creator wants me to be happy and know everything he created for my happiness. These are war times as we fight with our mind to simply realize God wants us to be happy…all of us. Force, threat of force, and in=charge non=thinking leadership destroys happiness and peace by applying unnecessary unhandleable pressure and stress that no one wants or desires, but we think is a part of the world we live in to say that is just the way it is…when power mongers usurp the joy and happiness from our lives by disrupting peace with every breath they take.

God only gives you what you can handle, and God doesn’t punish, while we kill each other for a couple of bucks. We are insane mental patients…not a few of us, all of us. We can’t survive or live together peacefully if people think sickness and death are real and it is only for some. We free each other’s minds together by sharing the love of God by which we were created, not by selling our soul for money and think someone else knows better for us. Freedom seeks reality, not some small treasure the only lasts the time you give it attention. God’s Kingdom is breathless always. we just have to leave our fairy tale life behind. There is better shit where you are going, even if it takes 500 trillion years more or less to get there.

Good morning and God bless.

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