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Death and destruction is our way of life, so we can own guns and pay for healthcare?

We shit in the river and move trash around is our recycling program with a few items actually being recycled?

Heaven and The Garden of Eden are right in front of you. In-charge non-thinking leadership threw it away and you let them by following their non-thinking orders. Experts in worldwide scams are the top 1% to 3% of the population see you as the reason they continue. You let them. My most beautiful angel, right mommy?

We let in-charge non-thinking leadership get away with murder, because they tell us the right people can commit crimes, while the rest of us have to watch our every step, and we buy into their nonsense as they slowly rip every freedom from us. Now everything in our free country (I live in the United States of America) costs money?

Welcome to freedom and reality. Welcome home to food, clothing, and shelter in abundance. Responsibility to the whole understands the part…you are part of the whole. What is your part?

There is no authority here, so you have no authority here. No authority no government no punishment freedom and reality is here…free and unlimited, always and forever. The proud human lives forever in the light of truth by seeing through make believe to the honest reality hidden by your fears. What are you hiding that locks your life in chains?

So many times, we meet ourselves and somehow we let others talk us into throwing ourselves away, why?